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This sound library provides over 550 different instrument samples and sound effects with a total amout of 1.6 GB. It is a modern styled compiliation providing legendary vintage instruments and also futuristic sounddesign brought to you by one of the most experienced sound developer in the market.
With this decently created soundtool you can enhance your music with extraordinary samples, and it provides also those songwriter instruments you want to have as easy access. Each sound is musically useful and carefully designed and handpicked.
All instruments can be used as they are - no need to build layers just to get them fat and powerful. This makes it easy to use this advanced library as a workstation tool. Also it combines the best of both worlds as you can surely layer them easily to create wall-of-sound intros, moviesound atmospheres and dynamic stacks.
1.6 GB sample library with over 550 instruments and Presets.
Format NI Kontakt, download product, Euro 79,--
The instrument categories:
youtube clip
mp3 #1
mp3 #2
Chromatic Percussion
mp3 #3
mp3 #4
Plucked Instruments
Complete sample instruments listing
Vocal Effects
Ethnic Instruments
Synth Lead
Synth Percussive
Synth Layer
Musical Accent
Special Sound Effects
This library is a standard sound collection for every music producer that I've developed with the intention to provide a very suitable and versatile tool for the music styles pop, rock, prog, artrock, movie soundtrack, ethno pop. It comes even with several atmospheric scenes, loops, musical accents and special sound effects to spice up all those styles. Finally there is included the Environment category as well as the Vocal Effects, they allow a sophisticated creation of really new and unheard sounds.
bitr248.jpg Recording technology and instruments: All acoustic instruments are carefully selected first class models, performed by skilled musicians. I recorded them in close cooperation with experienced studio engineers in perfect acoustic in state of the art recording studios with top notch microphones, latest gear as well as proved vintage compressors and effect devices. Electric instruments like e-guitars are recorded through legendary valve amps and their connected speaker systems. The synthesizer sounds are programmed on vintage synths like Minimoog and modern neo-classics like Alesis Andromeda by myself, and then carefully sampled to capture their typical sound character and ensure a close to the original playability.
Turmalin also provides unusual environs sounds and noises recorded off-the-field which is a very interesting addition to the sample library. These sounds are used to mix them with musical instruments for pretty new sound characters, dramatic evolving and sometimes even funny tone results. The category scenes contains a huge collection of ready-to-use atmospheres which are very useful for movie soundtrack styles, ambient and intros and interludes for many musical styles.
For a full content list you can download or stream the above mentioned PDF, and here is a brief overview about the instrument samples: Austrian Accordion, French Musette, Minimoog Thick Bass, Andromeda Big Monobass, Energy Chimes, Tibet Bowls, Arco Strings, Celli, Legato Strings, Vintage Strings, Oriental Orchestra, Air Compressor, Airplane, Beer Can, Bulldozer, Beach, City Traffic, Bagpipe, Calimbe, Didgeridoo, Dulcimer, Okarina, Panflute, Shanai, Big Jim Lead Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Enhanced Orchestra Hits, Orchestral Phrases, Prepared Piano, Full Tibia Organ, CX3 Organ Drawbar Sets, Vintage Ensemble Keyboard Pads, Alesis Andromeda Lead sounds and Pads, Minimoog Lead sounds, huge Layer Stack sounds, SCI Prophet VS sounds, Bali Temple Bell, Bar Chimes collection, Darbuka kit, Wind Chimes collection, Thai Bell, CP70B Stage Grand Piano, Mandolin Tremolo, Saz, Zither, Oud, Buzouki, Celtic Harp, Alto and Tenor Sax, Otherworld Scenes and evolving atmospheres, electronic Special Sound Effects, big Synth Layer, cutting Synth Lead sounds, percussive Synth sounds, vocal effects and voice modulations, vocoder sounds, real Choir and synthetic vocal pads, Concert Flute, Soprano Recorder, Ney flute, ethnic woodwinds and much more.