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Sample Libraries for Vintage Samplers
bitr312.jpg The Audio Sampling CD is back!
The good old Audio Sampling CD was THE sound source for hardware samplers in the 80s and early 90s. Now this cool idea is back!
bitr_silverpieces_thumb.jpg Silver Pieces #1
Digital and Analog Blend - a great mixture of synthesizer sounds ready to sample. Pads, Percussives, Lead, Basses and sound effects. Plus Arpeggions, electronic loops, percussion effects and more.
Silver Pieces #2
Instruments and Sound Effects - brandnew produced! Rare and unusual acoustic instruments, orchestrals, sound effects. Also legendary synths from CS80 and Farfisa Polychrome to ARP Quadra and Polivoks.
CD-ROM sample library series for Vintage Samplers.
bitr311.jpg Minimoog Classics
CD ROMs for Akai samplers and Akai-compatible hardware samplers like EMU, Ensoniq, Kurzweil. Eco-sized samples for small RAM memory.
Over 70 classic Minimoog sounds ready to sample them as multisample with a Vintage Sampler. Basses, lead synths, pads, special sound effects.
bitr308.jpg Producer Tools
The right source with everything a producer needs on just one CD-ROM: Pianos, E-Pianos, Organ, Guitars, Strings, Choirs, Ethnic Instruments, Synths, Drums, SFX.
Surreal -Percussion, Voice & Orchestra-
A great collection of Drums, Percussions, Voices, orchestral phrases. The category range is wide spreaded from classic to unusual.
bitr307.jpg Hilldale Details
A multi-category sample library for samplers with a very small RAM (8 MB and less). Pianos, Strings, Guitars, Ethnic Instruments and more.
bitr309.jpg Technopolis
It brings back the techno loops from the 90s. Drum loops, basslines, sequences, arpeggios, vocoder effects, techno multisamples.
bitr306.jpg Grand Piano Details
A Grand Piano used for live on stage purposes: Powerful and a bit rough. Small MB sizes from 4 to 32 MB. Plus special Prepared Piano and Layer sections.
bitr305.jpg Ethnic & Folk Instruments
A wide range of typical folk instruments from around the world: Buzouki, Saz, Mandolin, Alphorn, Flutes, Dulcimer, Percussions and many more.
Coming soon
bitr304.jpg Mediterranean Atmosphere
The typical mediterreanan instruments in one big sample library: Accordion, Tremolo Mandolin, Saz, Flamenco and Fado Guitar and more.
Lautmalerei -Orchestral Wild Takes-
The full orchestra in one piece, recorded in great sounding concert halls. Long phrases and perfect for film music. Chords, rhythmic phrases, special effects.
bitr302.jpg ElektraVox
Synthetic Choirs, Voices and Human Percussion effects. Toons, human environs, vocoded sounds and phrases, shouts and processed sounds. The human touch to every music production.
bitr301.jpg Minimoog Classics 2.0
The classic analog synth legend, nicely created multisamples with close intervals for every Vintage Sampler. Over 70 sounds: Lead Synths, Bass, Pads, Percussives!
Korg Universe 1 & 2
Two CD-ROMS with a total of over 20 vintage Korg instruments from miniKORG 700S to SG1 Stage Grand. Classic synth basses, lead sounds and special effects and drums & percussion sections.
bitr299.jpg Score Tools
A great collection of film sound instruments, drum and sound loops and special sound effects for computer animation, short film and audio podcast.
Coming soon