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Polyphonic Didgeridoo
A polyphonic Didgeridoo?
Yes, from now on there is one! At least in the virtual world. Based on 5 different instruments recorded with the help of Didgeridoo expert Horst Feldmann in the famous concert hall of the Studio Tonmeister using the Brauner VM1 and Neumann U87 microphones I modeled them to huge multisamples.
They can be played over 5 octaves for some really before unheard sounds. This allows using them in the upper alto and soprano range like a Shakuhachi and Ney flute and even as polyphonic pad.
5 different instrument: Bass Trumpet, Eucalyptus, Fibre, Lesbos and Plastic Serpent. 7 huge multisamples with long tones duration and close intervals.
youtube clip
14 Presets, 630 MB.
Format: NI Kontakt
Download product, optional CD
Euro 19,--