Sound Research & Development


Factory voicing for musical instruments manufacturer - since 1993. Common and proprietary formats.


Online-Store            Back In Time Records: Downloadable sample libraries and synthesizer presets available for every musician worldwide.


Formats Korg Kronos, Alesis Fusion, NI Kontakt, Waldorf Blofeld, the Minimoog Classics series and more.


News Blog with latest infos about new sound products and factory content projects.



Film Sound Design


For score composer: Ready-to-Record sonic scenes, rare instruments and SFX.


Custom Sound Design

for every professional musician.


Sound Coaching and Consulting for music production facilities and recording studios.



Music Production


Multi-Instrumentalist: Pro level on piano, rock organ and synthesizer. Secondary instruments guitar and woodwind.


Live on stage and in recording studio: Music director, executive producer, songwriter.





Fact book, technical instruction, owner's manual, english to german language translation service, magazine article, workshop, blog.



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