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I'm writing books and articles about musical instruments history, tutorials for specific instruments, workshops and product reviews for online magazines.




Die DX Story (german language), My Fusion Secrets, Minimoog Patch Charts Book, DX7 Fibel V.3, magazine reviews of Yamaha Montage, Korg Kronos, Clavia A1, Korg SV1, Roland V-Piano, Arturia Origin, Roger Linn LinnStrument, Fairlight CMI IIx, Moog Memorymoog, The 100 best Stompboxes for Keyboards, The Workstation Story, Vintage Keys Reports about the Yamaha DX Generation from DX7 to FB01 plus a DX7II Centennial special, Korg M1 and T-Series, market overview Keyboard Stand Systems, how to create cool Organ drawbar settings, Modern Sampling workshop series, Stompbox for Keyboards workshop series and many articles more.


In total I released 200+ articles and workshops and 6 books, 15 owners manuals incl. translation english to german language.

More informations here, book details and how to order them here

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